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Welcome to Solitarybird's little corner on the internet. ❤
Here you can find out a little about me, my interests, play games, and look at some art. You can also find links to some of my fansites. ^^

This website was last updated on Friday, July 06, 2012 [Wow, has it really been a year~? The Iris dress-up has only has one outfit so far. ^^; I've still been drawing and posting things, but I've been more active on my tumblr lately. Why don't you visit that? ^^ As for art, you'll find plenty more on my deviantArt or on the "my art" tag of my tumblr! ♥ Thanks for visiting, maybe I'll change the layout of this place soon... and perhaps do something more with that Iris dress-up! She's worn quite a few pretty outfits in the show recently. ♥
Also, I've updated Orchids with information from the new Pokemon Black and White games as well as the new Best Wishes Season 2 anime airing in Japan!]

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Here are a couple of simple dress up games (like paper dolls, only on the internet!) that I made of the female protagonists of the Pokemon anime.

They're drawn in a simple chibi art style and I'd imagine they'd be appropriate for all ages.

Dress up Kasumi/Misty!
Dress up Haruka/May!
Dress up Hikari/Dawn!
Dress up Iris!

About Me

I'm twenty years old and a Muslima, I like strawberries and spicy foods, roleplaying and drawing, books and anime, and talking in the third person.

My favourite shows to watch are:

  • Pokemon
  • House M.D.
  • Tash ma Tash
  • Detective Conan
  • Full Moon (w)o Sagashite
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • My favourite manga to read are:

  • Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack
  • Tite Kubo's Bleach
  • Yuuki Fujimoto's Tonari no Megane-kun
  • Art


    You can find more of my in my deviantArt galleries, hareer and notepaddoodler.
    The pictures below are only small, incomplete versions to save on loading time. Click them to see the complete, full-sized pictures in a new window!

    Original art:

    Pokemon fanart:

    Full Moon o Sagashite:

    Naruto fanart:

    Bleach fanart:

    Black Jack:

    Sometimes, I can be a little obsessive about my fandoms... so why not put my obssesive tendancies to good (or at least mildly amusing?) use and make some fannish websites?
  • Daisuki— a simple Black Jack x Pinoko fansite.
  • Orchids— another simple fansite dedicated to a pairing (two in a row?! ^^;;), this time dedicated to Lady Cattleya and Kokuran (Lady Caitlin and Darach) from the Pokemon video games.
  • For You

    You can take these and use them anywhere where HTML is allowed (like on your website or on livejournal), but please keep the link back. I drew these on my own, so please don't steal!

    These are sprites of Harley, a very funny and originally antagonistic, over-the-top effeminate Coordinator from Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation (Pokemon). xD

    ✰ Links ✰

    Epidermolysis Bullosa - Through the Eyes of a Patient is a website by a young woman trying to spread awareness about her condition: people born with EB have skin so fragile, almost any sort of friction leaves them with painful blisters.
    Her website is very informative and inspiring.

    Sutamii Shimeji

    Remember the screenmates from way back in the day?
    These cuties called "Shimeji" (named after a sort of mushroom for how quickly they multiply) are very similar! But, thankfully, these are nice and safe. They can do many fun things, especially if you leave them alone. As you can see, the site linked above has Pokemon character Shimeji. x3

    Bleach icons that look like cute chibi dolls. There are a whole bunch of Bleach characters available here! Very cute. ♥