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I love you, darling, if I could be united with you, I couldn't be happier.

♥[The images used in the layout are taken from a Black Jack doujinshi by Karasu 「カラス」 uploaded on Pixiv.]♥

Welcome to Daisuki, a fansite dedicated to Black Jack and Pinoko!

About the Black Jack Series

Black Jack is a manga by the grandfather of modern anime, Osamu Tezuka. Recently, it was also adapted into anime (Japanese animation) as Black Jack: The 4 Miracles of Life specials, the Black Jack TV series, and Black Jack 21.

It is a comic medical drama centering around a genius unlicensed surgeon known as Black Jack who charges astronomical fees for his services, although he often operates on the poor for free or in exchange for favours.

Black Jack (whose real name is Hazama Kurou) seems to be cold and greedy, but despite the way he portrays himself to push people away, saving lives is very important to him and he has lost most of the people who mean most to him (like his mother, his mentor, and his first love).

He is often aided by his assistant Pinoko, who appears to be a little girl of about kindergarten age, but often claims to be a girl of eighteen (which is technically true) as well as Black Jack's wife.

She takes her role of wife so seriously that she gets jealous of any pretty young woman who comes within five feet of the doctor and also takes care of the cooking, washing, and cleaning around Black Jack's home.

She also serves as a nurse on some operations and is often a source of comic relief in the anime and manga series.

Their Relationship

While Pinoko is very much enfatuated with the doctor, Black Jack does not seem to return her feelings, treating her more like a daughter or younger sister... but they are inarguably close and share a very sweet and unique relationship, as the normally solitary and rather stoic Black Jack puts up with her childish antics the way he wouldn't from anyone else.

She is also his only long-term companion.

Also, even though he considers her a child at first, she does mature over the course of the story, so that even he eventually refers to her as a girl of eighteen.

As for Pinoko, she makes sure to remind everyone as many times as possible that she is "the wife!" and not Black Jack's daughter.
While all other potential romantic interests (or even just friends) of the unfortunate Dr. Black Jack have, more often than not, met their untimely, horrible end or... changed gender on the strictly straight doctor (see Black Jack's tragic first love, Kisaragi Kei, once Kisaragi Megumi), Pinoko's the only constant company he has in life and is utterly devoted to him.

How they met is an interesting story in and of itself. An eighteen year old woman, wearing a mask to hide her identity, came to Black Jack one night because she was suffering from a strange oversized tumor on her abdomen that, strangely enough, appeared to cause any doctor who tried to excise it to go mad.

Doctor Black Jack scoffs at the "curse" and refuses to operate at first, but eventually gives in, charging his usual high fees.

After he begins the operation, he finds out that the tumor is sentient and psychic (telepathic/telekinetic) to boot!

She forces him to beat himself and turns his scalpel back on him, telepathically yelling at him not to cut. He tries to reason with her and promises he won't kill her, so she stops. He goes on with the operation and it turns out she was originally the woman's twin sister who was trapped inside of her during their time in the womb, a sort of fetu-in-fetu.

She had a few complete organs and functional systems, but no proper body and was missing most of her limbs, so he fashioned for her a synthetic body to house her organs and transplanted what she didn't have.

He named her Pinoko after Pinnochio, the wooden puppet who became a real little boy, and she spent some time under the doctor's care as she learned to use her new body (she had lost her psychic powers, at this point).

Later, he introduces her to her sister, but Pinoko was harshly rejected by her a second time (the first was after she was removed from her sister, still without a body and kept in a culture) and abandoned, so the doctor took her in and she has been with him ever since.

Since he gave her her body and a second chance at life, she has dedicated herself to helping him in any way she can... she also fell in love with him and wants to be taken seriously as an adult, despite her having a childish lisp and an artificial body that doesn't grow or reflect her age.

While Black Jack is jaded and hates a great deal of humanity (rightfully so), little Pinoko is everything that the doctor loves about humanity.

"Flowers and humans are beautiful, because they are trying to live." Black Jack is inspired by Pinoko's struggle, especially in the anime, because it mirrors his rehabilitation as a disabled child.

In Black Jack's dream at the end of the manga chapter Call it Life, Pinoko appears as her true age, and asks Black Jack to tell her just once that he loves her. But when he doesn't reply, she's shocked, and wonders if it could mean he truly didn't love her. Black Jack then tells her not to make such a face and refers to her as his wife... and the best wife he could have found as well! ♥

Here are some icons that I've made of the two. ^_^ Feel free to use them, as long as you give me credit for making them.
Just say "made by solitarybird" or provide a link back to Daisuki ( ). You can credit twitchytwitch or inkedfeathers on livejournal. Enjoy~!

Fanart of Black Jack and Pinoko. These are only small previews of my art! You have to click on the them to see the full-sized images. ♥

If you'd like to see more of my drawings, you can go and check out the Art section of Solitarybird's Website.

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