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Welcome to my little webpage dedicated to Pokemon's Kokuran and Cattleya (Darach and Caitlin in the English version)! There are theories of romance between Kokuran and Cattleya here (KokuCatt or Valetshipping), so if such material disturbs you, feel free to leave this website.

Kokuran and Cattleya are two characters from the Platinum game from the fourth generation of Pokemon videogames, as well HeartGold and SoulSilver the second generation remakes.
As part of the Battle Frontier challenge, you battle them in the Battle Castle. If defeated, they will award you first the Silver Print, then the Gold Print.
Lady Cattleya [Lady Caitlin] is the young female half of the pair. She dresses in a long pink dress that tapers at the ends to resemble her namesake, the Cattleya, a kind of Western Orchid. She has thick, wavy brown or dirty blonde hair that reaches past her hips and large green eyes. She wears a light white jacket over her dress, with a big bow holding it together, and large white hair accesories (large ribbons?) on either side of her head.

You do not engage her in battle, as she only watches from the sidelines while Kokuran battles instead. The reason for why she does not battle herself is never stated in-game, but it's known that she does not like to lose.

While she is quiet during the battle and Kokuran often interperates what she wishes to say , she is impatient and can also be demanding and rather bossy, most likely due to her high status.

Castle Butler Kokuran [Castle Valet Darach] is the male half of the pair. He is named Kokuran, literally "black orchid", after a kind of Eastern Orchid.

He is taller than Cattleya, with slicked back black hair that curls at the end, with a single golden streak in the middle. He has blue eyes and wears rectangular glasses. He dresses in blue-trimmed black suit with a white shirt underneath and long blue pants. He also wears white gloves. He also carries a golden pocketwatch.
Between the hair and the outfit, his overall appearance is reminiscent of an Emperte [Empoleon], the penguin-like Pokemon that he trains.

He is much more talkative than Cattleya and is the first to greet you in the game. He is very polite and highly enthusiastic. He takes pride in coming from a long line of experienced servants.
He is impressed with the strength of his opponent when defeated and acknowledges your strength with compliments.

After speaking with the player's character, he goes to appease his lady, as Cattleya becomes upset with his loss.
He asks you to return again and assures that they will be delighted to have you back.

Why do I believe they would make a cute couple? Well, first of all, it's implied in the games that Kokuran has feelings for his Lady, but he keeps them secret.
So it's one-sidedly canonical (existing in canon; canon being the games, anime, and/or any of the manga). But what about Cattleya's side?

She's most likely completely oblivious to Kokuran's feelings for her. Perhaps she's not even interested in pursuing a relationship yet.

The most likely barrier being the fact that he is her servant and beneath her, so she most likely would not be encouraged to have that sort of relationship with someone who is technically her "lesser."

Regardless, they seem quite close, as Kokuran can convey her feelings and it's adorable how she hides behind him sometimes.

[SPOILERS FOR THE BLACK AND WHITE GAMES!] In the Black and White games, Cattleya is a member of the Shittenou (Elite 4)! Kokuran is no longer by her side, although it's said that Kokuran's closer to her than she knows. She's grown up and matured, both physically and mentally, since the last generation. She now keeps her temper in check and has great psychic powers! But those powers drain her energy, so she spends much of her time sleeping to make up for it... ^^;
The reason Kokuran used to fight in her stead was because her anger would get the best of her and her psychic powers would become very destructive, now, she can depend on herself and use her powers without them going out of control.

It seems like she'll finally be in the anime too, because she showed up in the first opening to the Best Wishes Season 2 anime! ^^

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And here's a cute little sprite animation I made of the two. This was drawn from scratch. ^^ You can use it wherever you'd like~!

Please enjoy this selection of artwork featuring the two! Remember not to steal anything.

If you'd like to submit something, these are the rules:

  • the artwork must feature Kokuran and Cattleya together or at least include one of the two.
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